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Recipes with extra virgin olive oil

Baked salmon withpotatoes and extra virgin olive oil

Baked salmon with potatoes and extra virgin olive oil Oterrum

With the arrival of autumn and the cooler temperatures, a dish like this one of baked salmon with potatoes and extra virgin olive oil is ideal. The combination of natural ingredients with harmonious flavors is spectacular in this recipe with a high content of proteins and omega 3 essential fatty oils. Although it requires a minimum cooking is a very simple and natural recipe.


Place the salmon loins in a baking dish, with the potatoes cut and peeled into 1 cm pieces around them and the onion peeled and sliced. Add salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, parsley and aromatic herbs to taste and a little bit of white apple vinegar. It is placed in the oven preheated to 200ºC and baked for at least 45 minutes until the top is golden brown.
This dish is ideal for enjoying a meal with a rich and healthy family.


- Fresh salmon loins

- Extra virgin olive oil

- Thyme, parsley, aromatic herbs

- Onion

- Salt

- Pepper

- Potatoes

- White wine

Summer salad

Summer salad

Summer came and at this time feel like eating light and nutritious foods like varied salads of vegetables, vegetables and seasonal fruits. Combine them to your liking with a few tablespoons of virgin olive oil in each dish that will provide you with fatty acids beneficial to your body, flavor and antioxidants for your skin.

In the Mediterranean diet we are accustomed to consume olive oil in a great quantity of dishes, it is a fundamental component in our food. We are aware of the importance of this liquid gold in the proper functioning of the body, its nutritional and health benefits.

We provide you with this natural and simple summer salad recipe, in which you can combine the ingredients to your liking and add others that you can think of.


Wash the vegetables well, add the tuna or bonito, the fresh cut cheese, avocado, seeds and finally the salt, the extra virgin olive oil.

Enjoy the summer, the sun, the rich food of this land, the extra virgin olive oil.


- Romaine lettuce

- Oak Leaf

- Canons

- Arugula

- Tomatoes

- A few leaves of basil

- A can of tuna or bonito in olive oil

- Seeds (poppy, sesame, sunflower ...)

- Fresh cheese

- Cucumbers

- Grated carrot

- 1 Avocado

- Salt

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil




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